Samuel Portrait

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for.  Well, a couple of you have been waiting, the rest didn’t even know that a drawing was waiting for Christmas to be crossed off the calendar before the drawing could finally make its grand appearance online.  Drum roll please!  It’s baby Samuel!

Now that you have seen the picture most of you will probably tune out, but for those of you interested in understanding my process a little better then I have some notes for you below.  Enjoy!  And feel free to send any questions my way if you would like to know more. Continue reading

I Have To Build A What Now?

I have been drawing for a while now.  As many children try to claim, I truly was a master coloring book artist, filling the designated lines with such glorious crayon pigments.  Then I moved on to drawing animals, from Simba to tigers.  A lot of tigers… I really didn’t branch out for a while.

As you will see, following the years of schooling where my artistic abilities were spread to different areas, I have somehow managed to circle back to the beginning, returning once again to drawing the furrier critters of the world thanks to the gracious individuals who put their faith in me to adequately represent their best friends.  What!?  You say you would like to see them?  Well good thing I am setting up this blog then!  In the days to come I plan on posting the work I have done in the past few years, and hopefully will keep you coming back for more with future posts.  Let me know what you guys think, and any suggestions are always appreciated.

And don’t worry, I do plan on branching out to other subject matter.