Marshall’s Book Update: Taking Over Facebook

That’s right, Marshall already has his own Facebook page, and if the first week is any indication, it’s not going to take long for my level of jealousy to hit a high based on the number of fans he already has.  If I was an adorable dog too maybe I would stand a chance!  Here’s the link if you would like to swing by his page and like it: Click Me!

Marshall’s Book Update: The Process So Far

Hello Internet Perusers,

For the past few months I have been working on the illustrations for a children’s book coming out about a special little dog (ok, medium sized dog) named Marshall who didn’t have the best life in the beginning.  Don’t you worry though, he’s living the happy life now that all puppies (and animals on the whole) deserve.  The book uses his story of hardship to recovery as its inspiration, and you will all be missing out if you don’t give it a gander when it’s finished.  Technically you should do more than give it a gander to help support it, but I won’t start with the nagging quite yet.

So who wants to know what my part of the book making process has entailed so far?  [Turns on cheer track].  Oh goodness guys, you’re making me blush…  I’ll try not to get too boring in my explanations so you don’t regret those prerecorded cheers, but this has been quite the learning process for me so far, so why not share it? Continue reading