Couple’s Counseling #4: Noxious Gas

Couple's Counseling #4 - Noxious Gas (Digital - 2014)

Couple’s Counseling #4 – Noxious Gas (Digital – 2014)

Sorry to ruin the lie you tell yourself, guys, but girls have gas too (and poop!). Continue reading

Geeking Out: Superman Vs. Titanic

Supes FullI wish I could remember what initially brought this idea to mind, but unfortunately it must be a safety mechanism in place to keep from scaring myself by my demented thoughts.  Even if the how it came about is gone, nothing could make me forget “Superman and the True Story of the Titanic.” Continue reading

Couple’s Counseling #3: “Team Rivalry”

Couple's Counseling #3 - Team Rivalry (Digital - 2014)

Couple’s Counseling #3 – Team Rivalry (Digital – 2014)

For the third entry into the Couple’s Counseling series, we see what it’s like for Kyle and I during hockey season. Continue reading

Geeking Out: “Plight of the Bumblebee”

"Plight of the Bumblebee" (Digital - 2014)

“Plight of the Bumblebee” (Digital – 2014)

That’s right, I actually have a name for this piece!  And there was much rejoicing. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Scout

Scout the Beagle / Coonhound Mix (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Scout the Beagle / Coonhound Mix (Colored Pencil – 2013)

All can breathe easy; I have finally drawn all of the six dogs currently in my immediate family.  Looks like we’ve got some adopting to do! Continue reading

Couple’s Counseling #2: “Movie Night”

Couple's Counseling #2 - Movie Night (Digital - 2014)

Couple’s Counseling #2 – Movie Night (Digital – 2014)

Back by popular demand, it’s Couple’s Counseling!  Ok, no one really asked for it, but you’re going to get another entry into this series of what happens when you live with one other person anyway.  Often “especially a boy” can be applied. Continue reading