Pet Portrait: Duke

Duke the Bulldog (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Duke the Bulldog (Colored Pencil – 2013)

There’s something about bulldogs that make me think of pudgy regality, like King Henry VIII.  However, the behavior that includes sticking his tongue out has lowered this guy to the title of Duke. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Zeus

Zeus the Anatolian Shepherd (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Zeus the Anatolian Shepherd (Colored Pencil – 2013)

Meet Zeus, an Anatolian Shepherd (which I’d never heard of before) that hopefully didn’t frivolously father as many children as the Greek god he is named after, though I would be OK with it slightly more so if one child inspired a Disney movie.  Who put the glad in gladiator?  Hercules! Continue reading

Children’s Portrait: Braylon

Braylon - (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Braylon – (Colored Pencil – 2013)

Before starting this drawing of Braylon I made a joke that it has been a while since I’ve drawn a child that wasn’t furry, maybe hinting at a little worry about dealing with skin tones, but I’d like to think I was worrying for nothing. Continue reading