K9 Unit Portrait: MPD K9 Ryker & Officer Michael Kamerer

Ryker-Mike Small

A handful of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a part of the retirement of a K9 police officer from the Missoula Police Department, and now I can finally show you the portrait I did! Drum roll please! Yes, I know that the portrait was above and that you’ve already seen it so there’s no need for this reveal drumming, but I demand a drum roll! Here it is: Ryker and his partner in crime (stopping), Mike! Continue reading

Athlete Portrait: St. Louis Cardinals 3rd Baseman Matt Carpenter

Carpenter Small

Though I will always be slightly bummed to not see David Freese out on third base, or just in a Cardinal’s uniform in general, it’s hard to be too upset when the replacement just happens to be Matt Carpenter. To loosely quote my boyfriend during Carp’s recent home run explosion, “dude’s a beast!” It’s hard to think that word applies to a man that doesn’t have the arms of Matt Holliday, but there’s no denying that he’s integral to the Card’s success. As Carp goes, so goes the Cards! Continue reading

Athlete Portrait: St. Louis Cardinals 2nd Baseman Kolten Wong

Kolten Wong

Other than a faint memory of loving Ray Lankford, Molina has been my favorite Cardinals player for as long as I can remember having one. He has yet to be challenged, and I doubt he will ever be dethroned in my eyes. That said, after years of 4 or 5 players battling it out for that runner up spot, Wong has made his way to the top. He’s great with a bat, sure, but I’m a sucker for people who show a lot of strength defensively. Continue reading