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Throughout my life I have always jumped from one answer to another when considering the “what I want to be when I grow up” question.  No matter the current choice, the one constant that has always kept me company is my love of art (the second constant is always remembering to be sarcastic, but that’s far less relevant).  I love to write, to break down the design choices in the theater, to take time and appreciate what a painter was trying to express even if I don’t like the piece, and just to take all the forms in no matter what it is: films, video games, theatre, comic books, literature, music, etc.  Each form provides inspiration for what I do, and I will also take this opportunity to thank my grandma for always being there with her encouraging words, “Oh, I think you could have done that better.  But hey, as long as they still pay you.”  I think I get my sarcasm from her.

This site is dedicated to sharing the pieces of art I am working on, from the nerdy drawings done for my pure enjoyment, to the work that I have been lucky enough to be asked to create for others.

Also, if you would like to read my thoughts on films, video games, and the random book, then you can find my reviews over on havingsaidthat.net

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  1. I am so happy that you finally listened to me and put this together…..it’s about time! Oh yea, you know that I think you are fantastic and we both know where your talent comes from. Now get back to drawing!!!

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