Prints of Trooper and Etsy Excitement!

Hello faithful internet perusers!

For those of you who follow my posts regularly, you may remember seeing a portrait I did a while back of Trooper, a Pit Bull who had been rescued by the Animal Cruelty Task Force and Humane Society of Missouri after suffering horribly from being dragged down the highway by an unaware truck driver (click here to see that post).  Now’s your chance to help out! Continue reading

Marshall the Miracle Dog

Hi all!  It’s me again, and I am here to admit to a mistake.  That’s right, I too make mistakes.  You see, throughout the handful of posts mentioning Marshall The Miracle Dog, from my process to finally being done, the one thing I never really did was explain what the book is actually about.  Silly me. Continue reading

A Long Overdue Update

While majoring in the art and design world back in college I was no stranger to lengthy projects.  I mean, sometimes we would even spend a whole month on something.  A month!  I’d say the longest time I spent on a project was designing and painting a set for KU’s theater department, but even that is dwarfed by what I spent the majority of the last year doing (I didn’t quite make it to 9 months on this baby, but I can’t complain about delivering a couple weeks early).

So you want to hear about what I’ve been up to?  To read about the process pre-final color art then swing by my earlier post here, and keep on moving those eyes downward for what the process was like once I was finally able to pick up my trusted colored pencils. Continue reading

Marshall’s Book Update: The Process So Far

Hello Internet Perusers,

For the past few months I have been working on the illustrations for a children’s book coming out about a special little dog (ok, medium sized dog) named Marshall who didn’t have the best life in the beginning.  Don’t you worry though, he’s living the happy life now that all puppies (and animals on the whole) deserve.  The book uses his story of hardship to recovery as its inspiration, and you will all be missing out if you don’t give it a gander when it’s finished.  Technically you should do more than give it a gander to help support it, but I won’t start with the nagging quite yet.

So who wants to know what my part of the book making process has entailed so far?  [Turns on cheer track].  Oh goodness guys, you’re making me blush…  I’ll try not to get too boring in my explanations so you don’t regret those prerecorded cheers, but this has been quite the learning process for me so far, so why not share it? Continue reading

I Have To Build A What Now?

I have been drawing for a while now.  As many children try to claim, I truly was a master coloring book artist, filling the designated lines with such glorious crayon pigments.  Then I moved on to drawing animals, from Simba to tigers.  A lot of tigers… I really didn’t branch out for a while.

As you will see, following the years of schooling where my artistic abilities were spread to different areas, I have somehow managed to circle back to the beginning, returning once again to drawing the furrier critters of the world thanks to the gracious individuals who put their faith in me to adequately represent their best friends.  What!?  You say you would like to see them?  Well good thing I am setting up this blog then!  In the days to come I plan on posting the work I have done in the past few years, and hopefully will keep you coming back for more with future posts.  Let me know what you guys think, and any suggestions are always appreciated.

And don’t worry, I do plan on branching out to other subject matter.