Pet Portrait: Callie and Chloe the German Shepherds


FINALLY finished my first pet portrait of the new year. As if my stomach isn’t enough, there’s nothing like developing more frequent headaches and migraines to really put a damper on my ability to function normally. But no more excuses, I’m back! Glad it’s with one of my favorite breeds, too! Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Pip the Border Collie

Pip the Border Collie

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to draw a border collie! Well, the previously drawn Dexter is thought to me a lab / border collie mix, but you never know with some rescue dogs. All I know is that they’re one of the smartest breeds so they should know to come to me for all their portrait needs! 😉 No, but seriously, border collies, learn from Pip and bring me your business. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Riley the Beagle

Riley the Beagle

It’s not always the easiest to add different breeds to pet portrait portfolio when a lot of my portraits come from commissions or the pets of friends, so I’ve started to turn to Instagram to hunt down dogs who would be willing to be the subject of my drawings. One of those I have lined up is of a beagle since my two mixes don’t quite have the typical beagle coloration to their faces, so of course that is the time that I actually am hired to draw someone’s beagle… Oh well! Beagles are at the top of my list of favorite dog breeds so I don’t mind staring at their faces! I say bring on more beagles! Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Dribbles the Boston Terrier


Not to take anything away from Chevy, the winner of the Boston Terrier photo contest who was the subject for a drawing I did recently, but there’s just something about Dribbles’ smile that I haven’t gotten over since originally seeing his photo at the time. GIVE HIM EVERYTHING HE WANTS! And go like his Instagram account to see more of that face: @dribblestheboston. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Tux the Great Dane

Tux the Great Dane

Meet Tux, a very caring Great Dane who I am sure spends loads of time helping his mom out at Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. And when he’s resting post his volunteer work, please, please tell me he thinks he’s a lap dog! How there is not a Tumblr page dedicated to photos of Great Danes smashing their owners into the couch baffles me. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Chevy Chevelle the Boston Terrier


A couple months ago during one of my random trips to the AKC Museum of the Dog I happened upon a hoard of Boston Terriers running around like madmen in one of the larger rooms free of any artwork. Turns out, like many other groups and breeds, Boston Terriers of St. Louis Mo often has meetups there, and upon talking with one of the group’s leaders the idea arose to do a photo contest that would end in a portrait by yours truly. Continue reading

Paws For A Cause: Missoula Police K9 Halo


With my last pet portrait being of Missoula Police K9 Ryker, it’s only right that I do the second half of the 4-legged part of the K9 Unit in this department. Gotta say, this portrait of Halo might be one of my favorite portraits I’ve done yet! Continue reading

Athlete Portrait: St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder Jason Heyward


I wasn’t so sure about getting rid of the solid Shelby Miller during the last off season, especially when seeing how well he’s been pitching for the Braves in contrast to the struggles Jason Heyward went through to get into the swing of things here in St. Louis, but now that he’s back in his usual form it’s hard to imagine him going elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the Cardinals to sign him once the current season comes to an end, even with the talent in the crowded outfield like Matt Holliday, Randal Grichuk, Jon Jay, and Stephen Piscotty. Continue reading

K9 Unit Portrait: MPD K9 Ryker & Officer Michael Kamerer

Ryker-Mike Small

A handful of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a part of the retirement of a K9 police officer from the Missoula Police Department, and now I can finally show you the portrait I did! Drum roll please! Yes, I know that the portrait was above and that you’ve already seen it so there’s no need for this reveal drumming, but I demand a drum roll! Here it is: Ryker and his partner in crime (stopping), Mike! Continue reading

Athlete Portrait: St. Louis Cardinals 3rd Baseman Matt Carpenter

Carpenter Small

Though I will always be slightly bummed to not see David Freese out on third base, or just in a Cardinal’s uniform in general, it’s hard to be too upset when the replacement just happens to be Matt Carpenter. To loosely quote my boyfriend during Carp’s recent home run explosion, “dude’s a beast!” It’s hard to think that word applies to a man that doesn’t have the arms of Matt Holliday, but there’s no denying that he’s integral to the Card’s success. As Carp goes, so goes the Cards! Continue reading