Paws For A Cause: Beau the Terrier Mix

Beau Small

I can’t believe it’s already time for Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers art show again. This is the third year in a row that I’ve contributed, and though I had to rush out this drawing of Beau, I do think he still came out nicely.

Also, does anyone know what kind of breed he is? As someone who specializes in mostly dog portraits I am embarrassed to say that I am not the best when it comes to the memorization of breeds. There are just so many out there to keep track of! To be safe I’m just calling Beau a terrier mix for now.

Original Photos: I don’t always get the best reference photos, but this was not one of those times. Not only is it just great to work from, but it’s just a great photo in general! Look at that face! No wonder he’s already been adopted.

Original Reference

Paper Used: Strathmore Premium Recycled Drawing Paper (400 Series) cut to 14x11″

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Used:

Beau Pencils

  • White – PC938
  • 10% Cool Grey – PC1059
  • 30% Cool Grey – PC1061
  • 50% Cool Grey – PC1063
  • 70% Cool Grey – PC1065
  • 90% Cool Grey – 1067
  • Black – PC935
  • Rosy Beige – PC1019
  • Beige Sienna – PC1080
  • Pink Rose – PC1018
  • Deco Pink – PC1014
  • Cream – PC914
  • Sand – PC940
  • Ginger Root – PC1084
  • Light Umber – PC941
  • Sienna Brown – PC945
  • Dark Brown – PC946
  • Dark Umber – PC947
  • 10% French Grey – PC1068
  • 30% French Grey – PC1070
  • 50% French Grey – PC1072
  • 70% French Grey – PC1074
  • 90% French Grey – PC1076

Progress Pics:

Time Spent: 22 hours and 11 minutes

The Cause: Stray Rescue has an art show called Urban Wanderers every year in which local artists are given a shelter pet to create art of or inspired by. Luckily for Beau, he was recently adopted, but there are still a ton of dogs (and a few cats as well) who need homes at Stray Rescue. But if you can’t open your house to a new pet, please consider coming down to the art show this summer and bidding on one of the pieces, or just simply making a donation if you can.

The art show runs from June 24th to July 24th at SLU’s Museum of Art. For more information, click on the link here.

Up Next: I have three more 5×7″ commissions lined up. This is turning into quite the busy year for me!

Until next time!
Lauren H.
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