Pet Portrait: Bailey the Boston Terrier

Bailey - B Terrier Small

I don’t know if other pet portrait artists are the same, but one point of pride I have when it comes to my drawings is being able to remember the names of the dogs I’ve drawn (Most of them, anyway. It’s getting a little harder with each addition to the portfolio). A side effect of this is keeping a tally of repeated names, which brings me to this Boston Terrier named Bailey. With the total now coming to three seperate dogs (sorry Diesel, but you only count as one even though I’ve drawn you numerous times), Bailey has taken a commanding lead at the top of the list. Considering this was always one of my favorite names for pets growing up, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Original Photo:

Paper Used: 400 Series Flannel White Strathmore Artist Paper cut to 8×10″

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Used:

  • IMG_5863White – PC938
  • 10% Cool Grey – PC1059
  • 30% Cool Grey – PC1061
  • 50% Cool Grey – PC1063
  • 70% Cool Grey – PC1065
  • 90% Cool Grey – PC1067
  • Blue Violet Lake – PC1079
  • Pink Rose – PC1018
  • Greyed Lavender – PC1026
  • Lilac – PC956
  • Parma Violet – PC1008
  • Cream – PC914
  • Seashell Pink – PC1093
  • Ginger Root – PC1084
  • Peach Beige – PC1085
  • Rosy Beige – PC1019
  • Beige Sienna – PC1080
  • Clay Rose – PC1017
  • Light Umber – PC941
  • Dark Brown – PC946
  • Dark Umber – PC947
  • 10% French Grey – PC1068
  • 30% French Grey – PC1070
  • 50% French Grey – PC1072
  • 70% French Grey – PC1074
  • 90% French Grey – PC1076
  • Black – PC935

Progress Pics:

Time Spent: 20 hours and 39 minutes

Up Next: I’m currently working with a local police officer to get photos so I can finally draw a police K9 from St. Louis. Half of the money raised from selling prints of the portrait will be going towards PAW Stoppers and their goal to build a memorial to those dogs that have served the community. Start saving your money now if you’d like to order prints! Or go over to their GoFundMe page and donate now (click here).

Until next time!
Lauren H.
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