Pet Portrait: Daisy the Shepherd Mix

Daisy Small

Don’t tell my beagles, but I have a special place in my heart for dogs with the brindle fur pattern. It’s just so awesome! Consider yourself lucky, Daisy! If not for that, then for having the distinction of being the first dog I’ve done a portrait of in the 5×7″ size. It’s quite the honor. 😉

Original Photos: Of the photos I received of Daisy, this reference was my favorite to draw a portrait from. Luckily a lot of the detail came through when it was lightened up (which isn’t always the case, unfortunately), but I still had to make up some of her left eye. Also, her dad asked me to color her closer to what she was like before her grey started coming in.

Paper Used: Strathmore Premium Recycled Drawing Paper (400 Series) cut to 5x7″

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Used:

  • White – PC938Daisy Pencils
  • 10% French Grey – PC1068
  • 30% French Grey – PC1070
  • 50% French Grey – PC1072
  • 70% French Grey – PC1074
  • 90% French Grey – PC1076
  • Blush Pink – PC928
  • Cream – PC914
  • Ginger Root – PC1084
  • Sienna Brown – PC945
  • Dark Brown – PC946
  • Dark Umber – PC947
  • 10% Cool Grey – PC1059
  • 30% Cool Grey – PC1061
  • 50% Cool Grey – PC1063
  • 70% Cool Grey – PC1065
  • 90% Cool Grey – PC1067
  • Black – PC935

Progress Pics:

Time Spent: 15 hours 49 minutes

Up Next: Up next I have to do the writeup for the drawing of Daisy’s brother. Then it’s on to a portrait for Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers art show.

Until next time!
Lauren H.
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