Pet Portrait: Walley the Yorkshire Terrier

Walley Small

I feel like I said this with the last post as well, but I’m finally back! I could just look up my previous post to see if these intros are the same, but where’s the fun in that… Anyway I’m still dealing with getting used to my new medication for headaches/migraines (seems to definitely be helping, thank goodness), but I should be more regular with my drawing schedule from here on out. Which is good cuz I have some commissions lined up! But enough about me…

This is Walley the Yorkshire Terrier. Not to be confused with the robot. I don’t know why I thought it would be the case but I can’t help but write out his name like Wall-E, as if his mom would put a dash like that in his name. Then again, that was a great movie, so you never know. What I do know is that Walley is as cute as his non-namesake, even if he is a University of Texas fan. GO JAYHAWKS! 😉

Original Photos: The first two photos (the reference for the bust and for Walley’s back) were both tilted slightly for the portrait’s composition, and the third photo was used as a color reference to make sure I got Walley’s fur correct since the first two photos have some shadows to deal with.

The biggest challenge came from the size of the reference for Walley’s bust. When I blew it up the image got much more blurry and pixilated, so I had to make some stuff up when trying to define his eyes. Let’s just say my sister’s Yorkie, Ruby, and I stared lovingly into each others eyes for a while because I needed a comparison. At least I say it was lovingly. She was probably super weirded out.

Paper Used: Strathmore Premium Recycled Drawing Paper (400 Series) cut to 11×14″

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Used:

  • Walley PencilsBlack – PC935
  • 90% French Grey – PC1076
  • 70% French Grey – PC1074
  • 50% French Grey – PC1072
  • 30% French Grey – PC1070
  • 10% French Grey – PC1068
  • Dark Umber – PC947
  • Dark Brown – PC946
  • Sienna Brown – PC945
  • Light Umber – PC941
  • Ginger Root – PC1084
  • Eggshell – PC1040
  • Cream – PC914
  • Pumpkin Orange – PC1032
  • Mineral Orange – PC1033
  • 90% Cool Grey – PC1067
  • 70% Cool Grey – PC1065
  • 50% Cool Grey – PC1063
  • 30% Cool Grey – PC1061
  • 10% Cool Grey – PC1059
  • White – PC938

Progress Pics:

Time Spent: 33 hours and 10 minutes

Up Next: I have 3 commissions lined up, all 5×7″. Also, Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers art exhibit is coming up and I will be contributed for the 3rd year in a row. The deadline for that is May 1st so I’ll be squeezing that in with April’s work load as well!

Until next time!
Lauren H.
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