Pet Portrait: Baxter the Beagle

Baxter Small

Like most dog obsessed individuals, I follow a lot of canine accounts in Instagram. Way more than human accounts, actually… There are a bunch of german shepherds, pugs, and french bulldogs on my list, but beagle accounts might rank above them in numbers. So it was only natural that when I was looking to add a beagle with a more purebred look as compared to my two mixes I would turn to the place where people are constantly sharing pics of their own dogs. Baxter was only a hashtag away. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Riley the Beagle

Riley the Beagle

It’s not always the easiest to add different breeds to pet portrait portfolio when a lot of my portraits come from commissions or the pets of friends, so I’ve started to turn to Instagram to hunt down dogs who would be willing to be the subject of my drawings. One of those I have lined up is of a beagle since my two mixes don’t quite have the typical beagle coloration to their faces, so of course that is the time that I actually am hired to draw someone’s beagle… Oh well! Beagles are at the top of my list of favorite dog breeds so I don’t mind staring at their faces! I say bring on more beagles! Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Scout

Scout the Beagle / Coonhound Mix (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Scout the Beagle / Coonhound Mix (Colored Pencil – 2013)

All can breathe easy; I have finally drawn all of the six dogs currently in my immediate family.  Looks like we’ve got some adopting to do! Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Reagan

Reagan the Beagle Mix (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Reagan the Beagle Mix (Colored Pencil – 2013)

While I’m waiting for my next commission, I thought maybe I would draw one of my own dogs since they’re starting to get a little jealous that most of the other dogs in the family have been immortalized in colored pencil.  Plus they’re freakishly adorable, which is definitely something you want in a subject, not that I’m biased or anything.  Just look at that face! Continue reading