Pet Portrait: Sophie the Havenese

Sophie Small

The ladies at my grandma’s assisted living facility have been very supportive of my work, but every time I’ve displayed my stuff there they’ve been disappointed that I don’t have any white floofy dogs in my portfolio. Well, no more! I’ve finally added one small dog breed that they’ve been asking for. Meet Sophie the Havanese. Continue reading

Paws For A Cause: St. Louis County Police K9 Fusion

Fusion Small

It has finally happened! I have finally drawn a local police K9! Yay!!! Just incase you can’t tell, I’m a little excited about it… Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Bailey the Boston Terrier

Bailey - B Terrier Small

I don’t know if other pet portrait artists are the same, but one point of pride I have when it comes to my drawings is being able to remember the names of the dogs I’ve drawn (Most of them, anyway. It’s getting a little harder with each addition to the portfolio). A side effect of this is keeping a tally of repeated names, which brings me to this Boston Terrier named Bailey. With the total now coming to three seperate dogs (sorry Diesel, but you only count as one even though I’ve drawn you numerous times), Bailey has taken a commanding lead at the top of the list. Considering this was always one of my favorite names for pets growing up, I can’t say I’m surprised. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Baxter the Beagle

Baxter Small

Like most dog obsessed individuals, I follow a lot of canine accounts in Instagram. Way more than human accounts, actually… There are a bunch of german shepherds, pugs, and french bulldogs on my list, but beagle accounts might rank above them in numbers. So it was only natural that when I was looking to add a beagle with a more purebred look as compared to my two mixes I would turn to the place where people are constantly sharing pics of their own dogs. Baxter was only a hashtag away. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Rosie

rosie small

Because Rosie’s portrait was a gift, I didn’t get to ask her owner what breed she is. I’m guessing either a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle, but I can’t be sure. Any guesses out there? Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Winston

winston small

After a month of waiting, Winston can finally be posted! It’s unclear exactly what breed he is (he is believed to be a terrier/Schnauzer mix), but one thing is certain: he is one happy rescue pup. And he rocks that purple collar proudly! Continue reading

Paws For A Cause: Beau the Terrier Mix

Beau Small

I can’t believe it’s already time for Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers art show again. This is the third year in a row that I’ve contributed, and though I had to rush out this drawing of Beau, I do think he still came out nicely. Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Krixus the Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

Krixus Small

Meet Krixus, Daisy’s brother (see her portrait here). I went to google to see if I could find an origin to this unique name, but it remains as mysterious as his breed mixture. Looks like I’ll just have to ask his parents what inspired it! Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Daisy the Shepherd Mix

Daisy Small

Don’t tell my beagles, but I have a special place in my heart for dogs with the brindle fur pattern. It’s just so awesome! Consider yourself lucky, Daisy! If not for that, then for having the distinction of being the first dog I’ve done a portrait of in the 5×7″ size. It’s quite the honor. 😉 Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Walley the Yorkshire Terrier

Walley Small

I feel like I said this with the last post as well, but I’m finally back! I could just look up my previous post to see if these intros are the same, but where’s the fun in that… Anyway I’m still dealing with getting used to my new medication for headaches/migraines (seems to definitely be helping, thank goodness), but I should be more regular with my drawing schedule from here on out. Which is good cuz I have some commissions lined up! But enough about me… Continue reading