Pet Portrait: Walley the Yorkshire Terrier

Walley Small

I feel like I said this with the last post as well, but I’m finally back! I could just look up my previous post to see if these intros are the same, but where’s the fun in that… Anyway I’m still dealing with getting used to my new medication for headaches/migraines (seems to definitely be helping, thank goodness), but I should be more regular with my drawing schedule from here on out. Which is good cuz I have some commissions lined up! But enough about me… Continue reading

Pet Portrait: Ruby

Ruby the Yorkshire Terrier (Colored Pencil - 2013)

Ruby the Yorkshire Terrier (Colored Pencil – 2013)

With my sister’s Yorkshire Terrier, Ruby, being the 5th of the 6 dogs in my immediate family that I’ve done a portrait of, it looks like it’s time to go adopt more pets!  Ok, just kidding… For now. Continue reading