Here’s what I like to call the “Toot My Own Horn” page, where I have compiled some of the nice things people have said about my work. Self serving, yes, but it’s not so much about inflating my ego so much as just being reassured that those who have allowed me to create drawings for them are happy that they made this choice when all is said and done, and that happiness carries on every time they look at the work.

Kind Words About Marshall The Miracle Dog:

CoverFrom Cynthia Willenbrock, author of Marshall The Miracle Dog – “Lauren came to me as a random blessing from the universe!  After writing my book, Marshall the Miracle Dog, I knew I had something special and not just anyone would have the ability to capture the special tenderness of Marshall soul.  So after seeing some images Lauren had completed I knew beyond all doubt that Lauren got it!  There was no question she was right for the job.  She took her own vision of how to share Marshall’s remarkable and triumphant story through her art.  Take away the words I wrote, and only focus on the hand colored pencil drawings by Lauren, and you will understand Marshall completely.  You have to have more than just talent to produce the end result that Lauren did…you HAVE to heart.  You have to have the ability to step outside your own life and experiences and in to the shoes (or paws) of those you are trying to portray.  And somehow Lauren effortlessly reached in to the depths of her creative spirit to illustrate Marshall, the Miracle Dog.  I am honored to know and to have worked with Lauren!”

From Lisa Rojany Buccieri of New York Journal of Books – “The illustrations by Lauren Heimbaugh are soft detailed pencils so beautifully drawn they look photorealistic but for the apparent texture in the surfaces of color. The artist so captures the emotions of this dog as he evolves [SPOILER ALERT!] from a broken mess to a joyous family member that you could swear you’ve met Marshall somewhere before.”

Awards for Marshall The Miracle Dog:

2012-2013 Los Angeles Book Festival Honorable Mention in Children’s Books

Kind Words About Commissioned Work:

From Rhonda Linne – “Thank you for all of the work you did on my mother’s house portrait and my mother inlaw’s dog portrait. Your work is remarkable! Both mothers were very pleased with their Christmas presents, needless to say. You have a great gift.”

From Charlotte K. – “…you captured the Spirit of my girl’s cats in the drawings you created. They look like I could reach out and pet them and hear them purr.”

From Heather Heimbaugh – “I might be a little bit biased seeing as Lauren is my sister, but I have never seen drawings as realistic as hers. In fact, whenever I show anyone the drawing of my Chiweenie Luna on my phone (of course it is my phone’s screensaver), they always think it is a photograph until I correct them.  Then comes the inevitable gaping open mouthed gasp of astonishment; ‘She did that with colored pencils?!?’ Her portraits of Luna and Ruby are the first thing I see every morning when I wake up, provided they don’t lick me awake first (the dogs, not the portraits!) – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve seen people get teary eyed over her drawings.  When you think about it, it’s not that big of a deal because people tear up over my drawings too – but something tells me it isn’t for quite the same reason.  Like, hers are amazing and mine are terrible stick figures.  You won’t be disappointed by her work!”

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